Monthly Archives: October 2005

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i usually get all the roles i want

A friend of Culturebot’s forwarded us this mp3 of the most deluded actress ever. Normally we don’t like to mock striving artists, but this is very, very funny. Apparently this is a voice mail to the casting director at New Jersey Shakespeare Festival. “Best Actress

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The Bentfootes

Got an email from James Urbaniak recommending Kriota Willberg and Dura Mater’s The Bentfootes. The text of the email follows below: James Urbaniak here. This evening, my friends, I saw a fabulous show. They need audiences and I highly recommend it. It’s called “The Bentfootes”

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Prelude Performa 05

This past week saw many of the best and brightest of the downtown theater scene showing works-in-progress and talking at CUNY Graduate Center as part of Prelude 05. It was an intense and exciting week previewing some of the work that we’ll be seeing over