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Got an email from James Urbaniak recommending Kriota Willberg and Dura Mater’s The Bentfootes. The text of the email follows below:

James Urbaniak here. This evening, my friends, I saw a fabulous show. They need audiences and I highly recommend it. It’s called “The Bentfootes” and it is a multimedia dance piece created by Kriota Willberg. It is brilliant, hilarious and touching. It’s running now and closes on Oct. 8th.

“The Bentfootes” is a live dance concert/video documentary about the fictional Bentfoote family, who for 200 years have been hapless also-rans in the world of American dance. The show explores their dubious legacy through video interviews with historians, friends and family (played by, among others, Nina Hellman, Lisa Kron, and myself) and live reeanactments of Bentfoote family dances. The show is a lovingly detailed pastiche of the history of American dance from Civil War square dances to Isadora Duncan-style modernism to the contemporay avant-garde, all brilliantly choreographed by Kriota and performed by her wonderful troupe Dura Mater. It’s also about the indefatigable spirit of every performing artist and will enchant you, make you laugh and, I dare say, bring a tear to your eye. Enough said. Go!

Oh yeah and it got a great review in the NY TIMES.
The Bentfootes is running Thursdays through Saturdays at 8 p.m. through October 8th at University Settlement, 184 Eldridge St. at Rivington (F train to 2nd Ave.)$10-$15 sliding scale at door;
$12 advance at, TDF Thursdays only

Reservations: 212-219-0736 Ext. 110

for more information visit

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  1. Jake Hooker says:

    Hi. I understand that what I’m about to say may be wholly inappropriate. However, I’ve really started to think lately that we need to start talking about work — things we like and things we don’t — in a much more honest way. And afterall, what’s the internet for if not to vent?

    I saw this show tonight — largely based on this post, Mr. Urbaniak’s note, and The Times review linked above. I must be missing something. The show I saw depressed me beyond belief for it’s half-hearted jokeyness and general mushiness. Granted, I’m not a dance afficianado and so perhaps didn’t appreciate the dance-centric humor in the show. On the other hand, I’m relatively up on my dance history and it just failed to do anything at all for me.

    The humor was broad and unspecific, the dancing was (intentionally?) uninspired and the choreography was heartless. Why make a show all about a fictional, dead, mediocre dancer and her fictional, dead, mediocre dance family? The only thing that could possibly come of it is all too real, dead, mediocre dances and a pretty lousy video.

    Could somebody help me out? Disagree with me. PLEASE!

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