Monthly Archives: July 2010

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Blogging about Making Dances

Wendy Perron has a thoughtful blog post on the Dance Magazine website about young choreographers who blog about the process of making dances. She says: There’s an annoying new trend of blogging about the process of making a dance. I am not talking about Tere

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Red Over Red at Incubator Arts Project

Saturday night took us to the Incubator Arts Project to see 31 Down‘s Red Over Red, playing until August 7th. On the surface Red Over Red is a play about fear of flying, but it is as much about the fear of commitment, problems in relationships and the difficulties of communication.

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Modeling Cultural Policy

The BadCulture blog has an interview with John Kreidler, one of the minds behind Medici’s Lever – a web based tool designed to model the dynamics of cultural policy in an urban environment. [h/t to Thomas Cott for the link]

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The End of Forgetting

The New York Times has a great article by Jeffrey Rosen called “The Web Means The End of Forgetting.” What if the worst thing you’ve done is often the first thing everyone knows about you?

Save the date for MELT

Melt is the newest production of Noemie LaFrance. In the show seven dancers are perched on a wall and wrapped in sculptural beeswax and lanolin costumes that slowly melt away. It will be performed August 18-29, 2010 at the Salt Pile, corner of Pike Slip and South Street.