Blogging about Making Dances

Wendy Perron has a thoughtful blog post on the Dance Magazine website about young choreographers who blog about the process of making dances. She says:

There’s an annoying new trend of blogging about the process of making a dance. I am not talking about Tere O’Connor, who writes very considered contemplations about dance making, based on his decades of experience. I am talking about young choreographers, anxious to be in the public eye, who think that writing about what happened that day in the studio will somehow 1) bring them a wider audience and/or 2) make them a better choreographer.

Read the rest in Dance Magazine.

Though Perron is talking specifically about dance, she could be talking about anything creative. There’s something about the creative process that is messy and capricious, that demands disorganization. The constant rationalization and explanation of that process can undermine the kinds of associations and juxtapositions that come from chance and ambiguity. Certainly not all creative people develop in that way, I’m sure lots of people can create from a very logical and methodological place. But still, it is probably to a young artists advantage to spend less time talking about what they’re doing and more time just immersed in the doing itself.

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