The Brooklyn Commune is a collaborative public visioning project to investigate the economics of cultural production in the United States and propose sustainable economic models for artists, independent producers and the system as a whole. The launch statement with project background is available here.


Four convenings between March and September 2013 will culminate in a weekend-long congress in early November to as part of an artist-driven process to develop a vision for the future of the performing arts in America. This vision will be shared with our colleagues in the field at APAP in January 2014.

The Brooklyn Commune will convene on the following schedule:

Sunday March 24, 2PM-6PM – First Public Research Session
Sunday May 12, 2PM-6PM- Second Public Research Session
Sunday July 14, 2PM-6PM – Third Public Research Session
Sunday September 22, 2PM-6PM – Fourth Public Research Session
November 2013 Congress (Exact dates TBC)

To get involved and for up-to-date information please join our Facebook group.

The Brooklyn Commune takes its inspiration from the iconic Paris Commune of 1871. While sited in Brooklyn, the project is inclusive of all NYC and aspires to develop a vision with national relevance.

The Brooklyn Commune is organized by and The Invisible Dog.

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