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Andy, In The Flesh

A few months ago I read a story at my friend Rachel’s reading series. Those of you who have known me for awhile are familiar with my sordid past as a writer/performer specializing in picaresque tales of sexual and romantic misadventure. That was before I

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Andy’s Haunted Birthday & Benefit Party

I don’t know, maybe it is the high-stakes election, maybe it is the fact that Judith Malina is still blowing people’s minds advocating for the beautiful anarchist revolution and Paradise Now! after all these years (I need to go see that show!!) maybe it is

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Have You No Shame?

Here I am (I’m in the middle, with the bushy-ass beard!) at the HEEB Magazine release party for Rachel Shukert’s new book Have You No Shame? photo by Mike Garten For more party pix go here. And definitely go buy Rachel’s book – its awesome!