Andy’s Haunted Birthday & Benefit Party

I don’t know, maybe it is the high-stakes election, maybe it is the fact that Judith Malina is still blowing people’s minds advocating for the beautiful anarchist revolution and Paradise Now! after all these years (I need to go see that show!!) maybe it is the mix of terror, frustration, futility, fatalism and schadenfreude that is the economy, maybe it is that I’ve had a cold for four days and I’m exhausted and feeling kinda crummy. Maybe it is because my last two birthdays sucked huge donkey junk. Maybe it is because as I reach the event horizon from which I can see my own eventual mortality, I want, more than anything, to be transformed. And I want you to transform with me. I want us all to take this spaceship to the next level and evolve. I know we can do it, I just know we can. We have to.

So come with me to celebrate another trip around the sun, welcome the ghosts of past and future (because you know that there are backwards-ghosts don’t you?) to breach the space-time continuum and join with us in a timeless invocation of endless possibility.

I don’t know how we’re going to do this so bring your imagination and a costume and  I think there’s gonna be cake. My trusty support team tells me there will be cake. Bring your best self, come dressed as what you fear most and let’s exorcise fear and move forward with hope, conviction and vision.  Peace. Dig it? Amen.

Andy's Haunted Birthday Invitation

This is my happening and its freaking me out!

This is not only a birthday party but a BENEFIT PARTY and while donations are not required, they are gratefully accepted. If you have enjoyed reading Culturebot for the past five years (as of December!), if you support the work that we’re doing – and hope to be doing – at IRT; if you LOVE ME then SHOW ME! (Just Kidding. Kind of.) Seriously – I hope you’ll come and celebrate with me, I also hope that those of you who are in a position to donate, will. And if you are a big-deal philanthropist or business tycoon or venture capitalist looking to make a difference, please don’t hesitate to contact me. We’ve got big dreams and lots of talent, all we need is a capital infusion. Where it counts.

If you can’t come to the party, you can still give online using PAYPAL for Culturebot or via Google for IRT.

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