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Whither the Political Theatre?

South African playwright Athol Fugard has excoriated his fellow playwrights in Britain and America for failing to maintain the tradition of politically engaged theatre. But maybe the problem is that playwrights already agree with him and are trying to follow in his footsteps–only, that mode of political theatre just doesn’t matter anymore.

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Easy to be Hard

When my friend Coop called me with last minute tickets to a preview of HAIR on Broadway I immediately said yes. And then said no. And then said yes again. I mean, I grew up with HAIR. I sang along with the LP record original

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[Title of Show] is [Totally Awesome]

Old Uncle Culturebot has been doing a lot of soul searching of late. Wrestling with big issues and ideas, life, you know – existential shit. If he were a character from Winnie The Pooh he would definitely be Eeyore with frequent but sporadic bouts of