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Old Uncle Culturebot has been doing a lot of soul searching of late. Wrestling with big issues and ideas, life, you know – existential shit. If he were a character from Winnie The Pooh he would definitely be Eeyore with frequent but sporadic bouts of Tigger-y goodness.

Anyhoo, last night we got one of our rare invitations to see a Broadway show. Usually Culturebot only gets Broadway tickets either when the show is totally lame and they’re trying to get some kind of manufactured buzz going or when its downtown kids made good. I still usually get stuck in the nosebleeds (even my friend who edits a theater publication for teenagers gets to sit in the orchestra!) – Dammit, people, don’t you understand that I am FAMOUS AMONG DOZENS!! I am a TITAN OF CULTURE!!! You must BOW BEFORE ME PUNY HUMANS!! Okay, maybe not, whatevs. But gosh darn it don’t we love it when the downtown kids make good. And by kids I mean, you know, people in their 30s and early 40s who have busted their friggin’ humps since they were 21 working day jobs to pursue their dreams of being able to make a living wage and maybe getting some health insurance for doing what they love.l

So praise the lord and pass the ammunition for [title of show], the little musical that could and did and, god willing, is going to run a good long time. And I think it will. Unlike the last “downtown kids made good” musical to his Broadway – Passing Strange – I don’t think [title of show] will have trouble finding audience. Basically, Broadway audiences are heavily populated by young folks who dream of being on the Broadway stage (and the parents who indulge them). And since this show speaks directly to their dreams and aspirations, I think its a sure bet.

But wait! Its not just for those kids, oh no. Its for everyone who has ever had a dream, goldangit, and who has worked and sweated and persevered in the face of obstacles. It is for anyone who has done that and still has a sense of humor and likes catchy tunes.

Its like Rent only not totally full of shit. The cast of [title of show] is hilarious and funny, the writing is sharp and the music (I’m not a musicals person so I’m not authoratitive) is really enjoyable and catchy. But the best part is the show isn’t pretentious, nor is it stupid. Its true. And to be honest, after seeing a lot of really, really experimental stuff over the past few months, it is nice to see a show that is both artful and entertaining, that gives you emotional satisfaction while shedding a little insight into your life. Look, is it about big ideas and huge concepts? No. Will it make you laugh and possibly cry? Yes, yes it will. I cried, I did. During Susan Blackwell’s “Die, Vampires, Die” song – where she does this wonderful little speech about the Vampires of Despair, I cried. But those of you who know Uncle Culturebot know that he is a softie, he is emotional, he is a sensitive nurturing caregiver who brutally excoriates and crushes the people he loves best. (jk, totes jk!)

But enough about me. Why are you still sitting here reading? Why aren’t you clicking here to buy tickets!? Let’s make sure these plucky thespians get to stay on Broadway for a long, long, long time!

Oh and if you don’t know what the show is about read this review in the Times.

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