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GIRL X at the Japan Society

If you have never been to the Japan Society, tucked away on East 47th Street between 2nd and 1st, make it a point to go there this year. Better yet, go there this week. I promise you will be amazed that such magnificent beauty was

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Thoughts on Robots and Humans

It’s hard to know what to talk about first after seeing a play with robot actors. Last Friday, I saw the Robot Theater Project at Japan Society, a program of two plays, Sayonara and I, Worker. The Project is a collaboration between Seinendan Theater Company

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there is no end to more

Just saw inkboat and cokaseki’s AME TO AME (Candy and Rain) at Japan Society. (See earlier preview post). It was a delightful work of “Butoh 2.0” – a playful, surreal, physically rigorous meditation on relationships. It used some of the movement vocabulary associated with Butoh but

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Ame to Ame at Japan Society

Culturebot hearts Japan Society! I’ve heard great things about this performance – and this video looks really cool. Check it out! inkBoat/cokaseki Ame to Ame (Candy and Rain) New York Premiere Cutting edge… chic and beautiful and surprising for the audience. —Radio Berlin Brandenburg [lova-Koga

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art-tastic evening

Last night we paid a studio visit to R. Justin Stewart to check out his current work, which was really fun.  It is interesting work,  loosely based on emergence theory, more focused on the mathematics of structure.  The sculptures are playful and thoughtful at the

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Cbot Recommends HIROAKI UMEDA at Japan Society

“The work of the Japanese soloist is part hip-hop, part Butoh, which means that his expert, staccato undulations build very slowly. The integration of multimedia—flashes of light, cracklings of electronic noise, blackouts, silence, all precisely timed—is highly sophisticated. In one dance, Umeda inhabits a computerized