art-tastic evening

Last night we paid a studio visit to R. Justin Stewart to check out his current work, which was really fun.  It is interesting work,  loosely based on emergence theory, more focused on the mathematics of structure.  The sculptures are playful and thoughtful at the same time and we’re interested to see where he takes it. (See the artist’s site for beauty shots, or click the flickr set linked above).

Then R. Justin, his lovely wife Mamie and I headed over to Japan Society to see Hiroaki Umeda. Umeda-san was pretty cool.  The first piece was a tech-splosion of mind-bending light tricks and minimalist movement, the second piece a twitchy, disturbing but fascinating experiment in rapid, small gestures that amplified, expanded and multiplied. Umeda is definitely creating a kind of techno-hip-hop-butoh for the information age.  In keeping with that, I would say – and don’t take this the wrong way – that he should be creating haiku maybe, rather than full-length work. The movement is intense and so is the lighting, the themes and ideas he’s exploring are very focused and intense. I would have been perfectly happy to have two taut 15 minute pieces rather than two 1/2-hour pieces.  But I think the economics of touring probably demand “Full-length” work. Once again, if he did this in a gallery in  ten-minute chunks he’d be a billionaire rock star conceptual artist. But as a live performer making “dance” – he’s confined by the expectations of the medium.

still its totally worth going to check it out. very fascinating and engaging. 

Also while you’re there you should check out their exhibit KRAZY! The Delirious World of Anime + Manga + Video Games which is more fun than you can shake a joystick at!!

Okay – brace yourself for the weekend!

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