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Corpus Extremus (LIFE+)

Corpus Extremus (LIFE+) February 28 April 18, 2009 Opening: Saturday February 28, 7-10pm @ Exit Art 475 Tenth Ave NYC EXHIBITION // Corpus Extremus (LIFE+), the second exhibition of Exit Art’s Curatorial Incubator Program, will present work by artists who are using bio- and media-

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Denver Open Media

I was watching Public Access and saw this fantastic short documentary/manifesto on new media distribution models created by Denver Open Media. It is called Opening Access and is “a half-hour special presentation of a bold new vision for community media. Combining archival footage with interviews

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ICA in London Closing Live Art and Media Program

My friend Larry-Bob in San Francisco forwarded me an email from Franko B., which was a forward of an email from Emma Quinn, which was a statement on an email/announcement from Ekow Eshun, about the ICA in London’s plan to close its performance and new