Corpus Extremus (LIFE+)

Corpus Extremus (LIFE+)

February 28 April 18, 2009

Opening: Saturday February 28, 7-10pm

@ Exit Art 475 Tenth Ave NYC


Corpus Extremus (LIFE+), the second exhibition of Exit Art’s Curatorial

Incubator Program, will present work by artists who are using bio- and

media- technologies to investigate questions of life and death.

Representative of a relatively new international trend, these artists are

uniting science and art to challenge conventional understanding of both


Prior to the eighteenth century, art and science were not separated as

distinct disciplines, and were often joined. Thus a hybrid bio-art

discipline is nothing radically new. Yet, the work in Corpus Extremus

(LIFE+) represents a revolution in interdisciplinary research and practices

and offers a critical evaluation of science and technology through art. This

direct involvement of artists in scientific research and lab practices aims

to demystify science through a cross-disciplinary approach; to provoke

discussion about art and science as creative stimuli to each other; and to

pose ethical questions to society.

The artworks in this exhibition deal with the transformation of our notions

of life and death due to the implementation of biotechnological advances in

everyday life. Recent innovations in science and technology are causing us

to confront and challenge our conventional understanding of the body. Trying

to reveal ³the secret of life,² and to retain health, we are finding new

ways to create living transplants and sustain life outside of the body. This

possibility gives ground for the design of new organisms hybrids, cyborgs

and extended human bodies that might be a new stage in an evolution with a

questionable future.

Artists: Suzanne Anker, Guy Ben-Ary and Philip Gamblen in collaboration with Dr. Steve Potter Lab (Dr. Steve Potter, Douglas Swehla, Stephen Bopic), BioKino

(Guy Ben-Ary and Tanya Visosevic), Dmitry Bulatov, Center for PostNatural

History, Kathy High, Soyo Lee, Yuri Leiderman and Andrei Silvestrov

Stelarc, The Tissue Culture and Art Project (Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr),

ULTRAFUTURO (Oleg Mavromatti and Boryana Rossa) in collaboration with Chris Bjornsson and Kathy High, Paul Vanouse, Jennifer Willet, Adam Zaretsky and the pFARM Collective.

FRIDAY, MARCH 6, 6-9pm

Corpus Extremus (LIFE+) Explained and Expanded, Part 2

Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr of The Tissue Culture and Art Project discuss

their work, NoArk II, and semi living objects (partly alive and partly

constructed) as a new class of object beings. Adam Zaretsky does a

presentation on mutagenic arts related to his work pFARM :: Organic Fetish

Biotech, which is followed by a screening of the project¹s 60 minute film.

FREE. Cash bar.

Exit Art

475 Tenth Ave NYC

New York, NY 10018

T. 212 966 7745

F. 212 925 2928


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