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Don’t Divorce Us

You may have seen this already; if not, it is worth watching. Update: Vimeo doesn’t want to embed in WordPress. I’m working on it. Here’s the link. Beautiful, no?  I think it’s interesting that Regina Spektor agreed to give rights to her song for this video…

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Oh, Miley!

As long-time Culturebot readers will know, I have an ongoing fascination with the evolution of the Teen age Girl In Popular Culture, beginning with Valley Girl in the early 80’s, through Clueless in the 90’s to Britney and, now, Miley Cyrus. One day I guess

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Britney, parsed.

Reading this made me feel bad for Britney Spears, for the first time. Since I was already pretty much an adult by the time “that which we call Britney” came into being, and since I was always more of an indie/alternative-type guy, I always found