Britney, parsed.

Reading this made me feel bad for Britney Spears, for the first time. Since I was already pretty much an adult by the time “that which we call Britney” came into being, and since I was always more of an indie/alternative-type guy, I always found her kind of amusing and pathetic. But reading interpreted world‘s parsing of the “Hit Me Baby One More Time” video actually made me feel pity for this girl, this sensational media-fabricated train wreck. Encountering that song in a new interpretation [btw, I guess I have kind of been living under a rock – what band is that doing the acoustic-y version?] also lends a creepy insight. Acoustic versions of highly processed pop often are quite revealing – or at least entertaining. To demonstrate how old I am, I will reference¬† Aztec Camera’s acoustic interpretation of Van Halen’s Jump:

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  1. Mollie says:

    The cover band is Travis–I didn’t mean that if you’d never heard that cover you’d been living under a rock, just that if you’d never heard the original you’d been living under a rock! I’m flattered that you linked, especially because my blog is so new.

    It’s funny, because although I was a teenager when Britney hit the scene, I also always thought of her dismissively, until her recent antics prompted me to do some research (gossip sites and pop music videos are totally research!), and there are some really interesting things going on there. I’ll definitely be writing about it some more.

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