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Sound and Debt

what do people feel is owed them in life? What do the living owe the dead? What happens to people when they don’t get what they feel is owed them and how far are people willing to go to bridge that gap?

A narcissist is a narcissist is a narcissist

Just like everyone who translates Dante’s Inferno gets to draw some picture of all the rings of hell, so too does everyone who writes about a Maxwell show get to comment on the plain, emotionless delivery the esteemed writer/director brings to his shows. I will not forgo my opportunity.

Photo Taking and Theater Making: REALLY at Abrons Arts Center

Ms. Drury, without being too showy, infuses our experience with evocative contradictions, challenges, and perceptions of imagery, some of it imagined, but somehow, magically, some of it real, pulled from our own memories and allowed to commingle with our internal experience of the play for a split second.

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Culturebot Scanner – Cool Stuff To Do and more….

Here are some awesome events coming up in the next few weeks, starting with a showing TONIGHT! Mark your calendars and check out these performances/symposiums/opportunities: Mårten Spångberg Workshop Presentation Saturday, March 2 (Tonight!), 6pm Choreographer Mårten Spångberg presents a dance for three women, The Nature, on Saturday,