No Theater presents Richard Maxwell’s CAVEMAN starting March 14th


This week and next, March (14-17 and 21-24) the Massachusetts-based No Theater return to New York City to perform Richard Maxwell’s Caveman at The Performing Garage ~ 33 Wooster Street  Tickets »

You may have seen some of No Theater’s prior work. Most recently they brought END OF THE ROAD, a performance conceived, designed and directed by the company and featuring the Young@Heart Chorus to St. Ann’s Warehouse (2010). Prior to this, No Theater presented THE ELEPHANT MAN (1970s), LAST RESORT (1980s), and DUPE (1990s) at The Performing Garage. Now in 2013, No Theater returns to NYC with their production of Maxwell’s Caveman.

Caveman was first performed by New York City Players in 2001 at Soho Rep. I find it fascinating to look back and see how the production was described at the time:  “alternative musical” and “diagrammatic sketch of a love triangle” are two of my favorites.

It will be interesting to see Caveman for the first time performed by a company other than New York City Players and directed by someone other than Maxwell himself. I’m curious to see how No Theater’s collaborative method will inform the relationships we see on stage and if the production will provide an alternate insight into Maxwell’s aesthetics as playwright.  More to come!

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