Radiohole Is Still My Name

radioholeSome of you may remember Radiohole from last season’s Postmodern Arctic Performance Spectacle None of It: More or Less Hudson’s Bay, Again at P.S. 122. Well, they’re at it again, cooking up an anarchic new theatrical invention called Radiohole Is Still My Name.

Radiohole and their half brother Joe “Shoot ’em up” Silovsky are up to their old tricks in this spaghetti docu-drama guest-starring Guy Debord. A gang of murderous poultry fiends shoot it out at Norton’s Disco Chicken Lickin Haven and settle in for a peaceful dinner and discussions on the meaning of it all (not hardly). This classic tale of Radiohole in the wild west has all the thrills, chills, and laughs you’d expect from a Radiohole show. A Must-see for all Radiohole fans.

RADIOHOLE IS STILL MY NAME (Proyecto en Proceso)*
by Radiohole

Thur- Sat January 8-17th
Wed- Sat January 21-31st

At the Collapsable Hole
146 Metropolitan Ave. at Berry St.
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
L to Bedford Ave.

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