Taylor Mac gets some action at The Fez

taylor macIf you have never seen Taylor Mac before, you’re missing out. This writer/performer’s newest creation is morbidly entitled, Cardiac Arrest or Venus on a Half Clam. And no, I can’t explain the title.

Taylor is a lithe, sexy performer who loves to perform covered in eerily clown-like makeup mayhem. Categorized as Performance Art Cabaret, if this drag show is anything like Taylor’s The Face of Liberalism, it’s nothing like Kiki and Herb (alright, so I haven’t seen that show, but from what I hear…)

Topics Taylor promises to cover in this Armageddon-style love fest are: gay marriage, backroom sex orgies, and his failing relationship with Vice Prez. Dick Cheney (what would Bush say?). I’m guessing there will be original songs to familiar music, and witty banter thrown around.

The bottom line? This performer should be on your radar. He’s got a lot going on. Currently Taylor is developing a new work commissioned by Dixon Place, was recently seen at The Fez in Karen Finley’s Make Love, and has had a handful of plays produced in NYC.

The vitals:
Cardiac Arrest of Venus on a Half Clam
Written and Performed by Taylor Mac
Sundays/February 1, 8, and 22
@ Fez (inside Time Cafe)
380 Lafayette Street
$8 reservation # 212-533-2680
doors open at 7:15 – full dinner menu available

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