Demon Baby

demonbabyYou have one last weekend to catch DEMON BABY at the Ohio, and it’s worth the trip through the subarctic New York night–it’s a compelling piece of theater from Clubbed Thumb.

Erin Courtney’s latest collaboration with Clubbed Thumb brings us a quietly observed landscape–the particular emptiness and vertigo of the unwilling expatriate. Wren (played with impeccable grace by Heidi Schreck) is a relocated housewife, dragged to London by her husband’s work. Her isolation and uneasy materialize into the Demon Baby (Glenn Fleshler) a garden gnome of fearsome aspect and unusually sadistic temper.

The play loses coherence toward the end, but pleasantly so–there have been so many delightful surprises and well-observed shifts that I wasn’t as upset as I sometimes get when a show doesn’t come together. Instead I was simply satisfied that unusual work is still taking chances in this city, and this production really pulls out the stops. I’d recommend anyone who can see it–it’s a well-spent $15.

Ohio Theatre
66 Wooster Street

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