rites of spring

In case you didn’t read my earlier post on Julie Atlas Muz’ Rite of Spring at DTW, I’m writing again. I dragged myself, despite my cough and cold, to DTW for the opening last night.

The evening starts out with Brian Brooks Moving Company‘s Acre, which is very strong work. Everything about the piece was green – the costumes, the lighting, three strips of flourescent green vinyl across the floor, four strips of fabric hung horizontally in the background. After several very physical and demanding sections they did a playful movement sequence to Kermit The Frog’s “It’s Not Easy Being Green” which added a lightness and playfulness to the evening. I hadn’t seen Brian’s work before, but I’m sure he’ll be one to watch in the future.

As for Julie Atlas Muz’s Rite of Spring It was amazing! If it’s not completely sold out, you should try and get a ticket to see this ribald, outlandish spectacle. The Butchershop Quartet’s interpretation of Stravinsky is true to the original while also being reminiscent of Frank London or John Zorn, and the choreography is clever, playful and inventive. The costumes are fantastic, literally. With little-girl dresses, blonde wigs and dazzling make-up (worn by both the men and women) Ms. Muz takes the aesthetic of burlesque and applies it to high art to create a dark fantasy of innocence and corruption. The movement is alternately playful and sexual, and the sex is alternately pure and prurient. Take for instance a sequence where half of the ensemble does shoulder stands, exposing their naked bottom halves. Their skirts fall around their heads and they look like a field of genital flowers, as the other half of the ensemble skips through this field smelling the roses! Spring has sprung, indeed.

Opening night was a spectacle itself, I was seated next to Kembra Pfahler, in front of Murray Hill and surrounded on all sides by dancers, performers, artists and nightlife legends.

Maybe it was The Rite of Spring and maybe it was the cough medicine, but I certainly had some interesting dreams last night.

There’s a performance tonight (3/25) and on April 2 and 3. Check the DTW website for more details.

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