Neal for President

Neal Medlyn is a very sexy lady. Except he’s not a lady. But if you are a lady, he reminds you to be a sexy one, in his gently subversive and humorous way. You’re a lady! Be proud! Wear cute panties at all times!

Neal Medlyn is a genius, a great friend, and a fearless performer with the energy of a nihilistic kitten. And he has a show this weekend “NEAL MEDLYN: THE PARIS HILTON OF PERFORMANCE ART.” Not only is this show a must-see (and I should know, I’ve seen it four times), it’s an historic one, as it will be the last show ever in the old Collective Unconscious space on Ludlow Street. Come say goodbye to a whole ass-can of memories, and do it with Neal. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll shake your heads in puzzlement, you’ll feel strangely turned on. All in all, an excellent night at the theater.

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