Safety First

If you find yourself in Williamsburg next weekend, or if you were looking for a reason to go to Williamsburg, then check out Safety Pop, a new performance piece from our pals at Red Metal Mailbox. The show is a smart and funny riff on the idea of safety. Cleverly set in an imaginary, absurdist research laboratory, the piece takes us through a long day’s journey into ridiculous science. Complete with “time checks”, the testing of useless products, surreal safety instructions and the most innovative use of bubble wrap I’ve seen in a long time, director Sarah Maxfield & Co. adroitly and humorously dissect the humdrum rhythms of the workday, office dynamics and a world where everything must be tested, approved and regulated for safety. This is a promising debut for this new theater company

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Safety Pop

Ever wonder who started “knock on wood?” An elite team of specialists is developing safeguards for the world’s population. Are they making us safer or more paranoid? Safety Pop is a new dance-theater performance that explores the intersection of ritual and routine and the way that each is used to create a sense of safety and control in the world.

Thursday – Saturday November 11-20
at 08:00 PM

Triskelion Arts
118 N. 11th Berry/Wythe
Brooklyn, NY

Tickets are $10; RSVP 718.858.5987

Safety Pop
Created by the company.
Directed by: Sarah Maxfield

Performed by: Chiara De Luca, Rachel Tiemann, Matthew Kinney, Michelle Ries, Kristin Young and Carley Petesch

Lighting by Chloe Z. Brown
Sound by Lori Peeples

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