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So Sarah Michelson’s cancellation was a big disappointment, but there is still some great stuff coming up at P.S. 122 and elsewhere.

At P.S. 122, opening next Friday (January 28th) is Mike Albo’s new show My Price Point. We’ve seen little snippets of it, and it is looking great! Mike uses his trademark wit and speedy delivery to take on the co-branded, product-placed, screeching diva, reality-show Plastic Pig that is America. Brought to you, in part, by adidas. Seriously. Directed by David Schweizer and co-written with Mike’s long-time collaborator Virginia Heffernan, you will really enjoy this show. Mike and Virginia’s book, The Underminer is being released at the same time. So it will be a stunningly synergistic explosion of downtown art-y goodness. Fer shur. Oh and there’s a party on the opening night. With free beer. So come to that, especially.

After you’ve seen Mike’s show (and ONLY AFTER YOU’VE SEEN IT!) then you should hustle over to HERE to go see Nita and Zita. Starring Katie Pearl and Kathy Randels, directed by Lisa D’Amour, this is good stuff. I saw it last year. No, TWO years ago, when it was at HERE for a weekend. I assume they’ve been working on it since then, so it is probably even better.

I’m sure there’s LOTS more. So I’ll keep my eyes peeled. Feel free to send in reports from the field people! (that’s a metaphorical field, not The Field arts organization).

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