Call for Guillermo G�mez-Pe�a workshop on Radical Artistic Behaviour (in Mexico)

La Luz Talleres and The Museum of Modern Art of Oaxaca announce:
Guillermo Gómez-Peña and La Pocha Nostra will conduct an 8-day performance workshop in Oaxaca (Mexico). Dates. August 3-10, 2005

Theme: What does “Radical Artistic Behaviour” mean in the year 2005?

Internationally known performance artist and writer Guillermo Gómez-Peña and members of the legendary Pocha Nostra performance troupe will conduct an 8 day intensive workshop on performance art, and the human body as a site for creation. The magnificent city of Oaxaca (Mexico) has been chosen for the workshop due to it’s rich cultural diversity which directly complements La Pocha’s aesthetics and cultural interests. This cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary and cross-generational workshop is open to both the local and the international community (click through for more).

To see “Project Objectives” please visit (go to “workshop”)

During the workshop, two parallel processes will take place. In one, participants are exposed to La Pocha Nostra’s performance methodologies (an eclectic combination of exercises borrowed from multiple traditions including experimental theatre and dance, Suzuki, ritual performance, and shamanism). Participants will be asked to develop a hybrid persona and a performance piece based on their own complex identities, personal aesthetics, and political tribulations. Parallel to this hands-on process, the group will analyse the creative process, the issues addressed by the work as well as its aesthetic currency, cultural impact and political pertinence.

Who should attend:
Performance artists, experimental actors, dancers, spoken-word poets, and/or students interested in the topics address by the workshop. Applicants must have certain training and performance experience, and must be familiar with the
artists’ work. It will be fun but rigorous.

A maximum of 20 participants will be allowed to work with La Pocha, therefore there will be a selection committee reviewing those interested in participating. Participants must submit a)- a half a page statement (in English or Spanish/Chinese is ok) as to why they are interested in taking this workshop; b)-a half a page resume and c)- a CD (digital photographs) or DVD of their current work.

The cost of the workshop is $600. This does not include room or board but special rates for hotel/hostels and restaurants are given to participants.

For more information on how to enrol please contact Marietta Bernstorff at: (or)

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