Dave is Tense. Very Tense

Culturebot recommends Tense Dave from Australia’s Chunky Move, currently playing at DTW.

We just saw the premiere and it is a fun, spooky, surreal and exciting piece of dance-theater. The official blurb says:

Tense Dave is a world filled with psychological intrigue and subversive realities. Set on a continually revolving stage, private spaces are simultaneously revealed and then obscured as Dave stumbles from one space to another, drawn into compelling dramas and confusion with each of the characters he encounters. Full of seductively charged images of obsession, isolation, manipulation, and collision, Tense Dave moves through a series of intensely personal and enduringly dark encounters that unwind in a wild display of the human psyche.

Yep. That pretty much sums it up. Definitely worth the trip.

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