Sequins for Satan

Culturebot’s Rachel Shukert has gone on from her humble beginnings with us to write for, Heeb Magazine and other outlets. She recently had her play The Blackstone Hotel featured in the Omaha Lit Fest, a new festival devoted to the work of native Omahans, alongside the work of such writers as Kurt Andersen and Alexander Payne.

On November 15th & 16th she will be presenting a new play called Sequins for Satan,a farcical modern day play with music inspired by S.Ansky’s 1914 play The Dybbuk. Shukert takes a modern day spin on the classic tale that involves such characters as a sado-masochistic grandmother, a talking squirrel and Liza Minnelli. Yiddish Theater meets Charles Ludlam in this darkly comedic tale of a young boy and his grandmother’s discovery of demonic possession and a Rabbi’s quest to save the boy’s soul.

Sequins for Satan is directed by Stephen Brackett and features Reginald Veneziano, Paige Colette, Michael Cyril Creighton, Jake Margolin, Rachel Shukert, Lacey Langston, Justin Tranter, Ben Abramowitz. With music from Justin Tranter & Rachel Shukert, costumes by This Old Thing? and produced by Lacey Langston and Justin Tranter of fettY productions

Sequins for Satan
November 15th & 16th, 2005
8 p.m.
$10 @ UNDER St. Marks
94 St. Marks Place
New York, NY 10003
for ticket reservations email:

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