No Great Society

Elevator Repair Service has been called “The best experimental theater troupe in town” by New York Magazine. Most Culturebot readers are familiar with their work, but if you aren’t you should be. Join us this thursday for the opening night of No Great Society at P.S. 122.

From the website:

No Great Society is a riveting neo-beat riff by Elevator Repair Service, renowned for their reinvention of found objects and fragments of space and time. In this world premiere, ERS veteran and enigmatic physical performer, Susie Sokol and sonic artist Ben Williams conjure Jack Kerouac and a piano-pattering Steve Allen. A legendary interview threatens to become a one-woman show as Sokol regales with a liquor, jazz and philosophy infused tale and Williams lurks in the shadows. Vin Knight and Scott Shepherd play guests on a recreation of William F. Buckley’s “Firing Line” from 1968 when Kerouac was part of a panel discussion on “the hippies.”

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