Well, Well, Well

Last night Culturebot got to attend a preview performance of Lisa Kron’s Well on Broadway. For all the usual reasons (too many shows, not enough time) we didn’t get to see this show at The Public, so we can’t compare the new version to that version. But we really liked this version.

Oh sure, downtown experimental stuff is great, but it was really great to see a well-crafted, thoughtful and touching autobiographically-based “theatrical exploration” with stories and characters and actual human emotions that made you think and feel and be moved.

Previews start today (March 10) and Opening Night is Thursday March 30th. if you haven’t seen it, go see it. I guess even if you did see it at The Public, go see it again. First off because it is a great show and secondly to support an artist who has been an importanat part of building the downtown theater community over the past twenty years.

It is at the Longacre Theatre, 220 West 48th St.

Click here for ticket info.

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