P.S.122 co-founder Peter Rose Returns

P.S. 122 co-founder Peter Rose returns to the space from May 18-28 with his new work “Cleansing The Senses.” Influenced by Grotowski and the Open Movement sessions he introduced at P.S. 122, the performance is a unique and dynamic experience.

Peter writes:

“Cleansing the Senses” is a performance for one actor. The performance is an attempt through movement, monologue and song to engage the actor’s limitations and invite him to overcome himself. The performer’s goal is a path to oneself and a means to open internal blocks that keep the creative sources from living with more intensity and richness. The audience experiences this process through the actor’s presence.

The performance action is an attempt to confront the actor with his limitations in so doing challenge him to reveal his humanity and vulnerability, the light within. The dramatic content is a fabric of movement, monologues, poetry and songs: Yiddish Song, American Spirituals and love songs. A Shakespeare sonnet, the invocation from “Pan Tadeusz” by Adam Mickiewicz, a love poem by Bertolt Brecht, sections from “Four Quartets” by T.S. Eliot: plus Rose’s monologues set in Berlin, Joshua Tree, Vilnius, Lithuania, Santa Monica and a popular Polish restaurant in NYC.

The actor explores the content as a means to direct this meditation inward, through the self and to the other. The performer’s act is revealed through the thematic frame of: prayer, creation, love and forgiveness.

Present. Attentive. Still. “cleansing the senses,” to live and create more fully.

We invite you to come share what we are sure will prove to be a profound and moving experience.

Oh and if you’d like to learn more about the origins of P.S.122, read Peter’s essay.

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