modern garage movement west coast tour

everybody’s favorite all-grrl indie punk dance squad, modern garage movement,(from some of the same girls who bring you the AUNTS dance events) are taking their performance Maynard, to the west coast.

According to their myspace site:

MAYNARD is flowers in the attic relegated to the garage. Created out of boredom and in their free time of three weeks together during the icy beautiful San Francisco summer ’05, bicoastal dancers (Brooklyn-SF) Jbird Leary, Erin Sylvester and Biba Bell simply made a dance, in the garage of Jbird’s stepfather. It was the first MGM dance. The one-car garage set in the fancy house in the fancy neighborhood was the perfect original theater, the perfect rehearsal room. People walked by and wondered what was going on. “What are those girls doing?” MAYNARD is all about the permanent rainbow and the possibility of imagination. The costumes, lights, music and movement appear out of nowhere to shift from color into next-door color. The music, designed by Jbird’s ex-girlfriend Lani Rowe, is entirely based on the structure, meaning, and significance of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow,” the song that almost didn’t make it into that famous movie. Someone saved it. Thank Fucking God! Way high up, there’s a land I heard of……… MAYNARD for the Summer Tour 2006 has new developments. Biba Bell goes to graduate school and Reba Brooks takes over, changing Biba’s role to suit herself. And there is another real, invented person. The music is refined and more dissonant. The imagination of the dancers is exercised, the imagination of the audience stimulated. Fantasy doesn’t need to make sense. RT: 40 – 60 min, depending on size of space

Complete Tour Dates After the Jump…


DONE! San Francisco, CA
Thursday, June 22 @ 8pm
68 Jordan @ California Street. 94118

DONE! Newcastle, CA
Sunday, June 25 @ 8pm
6105 California Hwy 193

Portland, OR
Friday, June 30 @ 8pm
New American Art Union. 922 SE Ankeny St. 97214

Portland, OR
Saturday, July 1 @ 8pm
Portland Q Center at 1028 SE Water Ave., Suite 145, street entrance on SE Taylor.

McMinnville, OR
Monday, July 3 @ 8pm
Ransom Wine Co. 845 NE 5th Street. 97128

Seattle, WA
Friday, July 7 @ 7pm
502 26th Avenue. 98122

Los Angeles, CA
Saturday, July 9 @ 3 – 9pm
Sundown Salon

Salt Lake City, Utah
Thur – Fri, July 13-14 @ 8pm
318 E. Hampton Ave. 1140 S. 84111

Albuquerque, NM
Thur – Fri, July 21-22 @ 8pm
2527 Carson Road. 87104. off Rio Grande, south of I-40

Santa Fe, NM
Wed – Thurs, July 26-27 @ 8pm
858 Camino Francisca. 87506

Newport Beach, CA
Sunday, July 30 @ 8pm
423 Canal St. 92663

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