Let’s Write About Sex, Baby

The Thursday Problem in association with Working Man’s Clothes is seeking scripts for an upcoming production called, ahem, Fuckplays.

About the project:

From American Apparel ads to Sex and the City, we live in a dream world of constant fucking and endless possibilities. But in a society where explicit sex and pornography have veered ever closer to the mainstream, do we as Americans have a more unrealistic view of sex than ever before? We ask you, as a playwright: What role does sex really play in your life? How do you perceive it? Do it? Talk about it? Fight about it?… Ultimately, what does sex mean to you? Be fearless. Be raw. Be sexy. Be honest. Fuckplays is a voyeuristic, six-play journey through six different playwrights’ most private places; a sincere examination of our most basic carnal desires. We want your best.
All plays should be 10 minutes long, and ideally take place in one location. The show will go up in the spring of 2007; the deadline for submissions is December 15th, 2006.

Please e-mail submissions to Cole Wimpee at colew@workingmansclothes.com

So, dust off your copy of the Paris Hilton sex tape, re-read those Mark Foley IMs, and get to writing.

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