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Are you thinking about dance theater? FIVEFOUR is, and they’re puzzling it out with performances at Triskelion Arts this weekend. The evening, shared with Launch Movement Experiment, Anne Zuerner, and Ali Harmer, (who also performs with FIVEFOUR) is mostly a series of duets – often funny and poignant, with an uncanny knack for capturing the confusion of adolescent awkwardness right at that moment when it replaces childhood playfulness. This new company’s first presentation is a promising debut, and if the final piece of the evening is an indication of where these ladies are headed, you’ll want to check them out before the bandwagon does.

us and FRIENDS
continues tonight and tomorrow (11/17 and 18)
at 8PM
at Triskelion Arts, 118 North 11th, 3rd Floor
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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