Open Source Choreography

We just recieved an email from Richard Siegal of The Bakery, an organization dedicated to the exploration and production of contemporary performance.

They are prototyping a new choreographic website wcalled If/Then Open Source. The test site will be available s of Friday, Dec 8 at

According to the email:

If/Then Open Source seeks to create an international community to collectively advance the existing piece of live choreography, If/Then, a dance which has much in common with game playing. The website allows you to change the rules and content of the dance by modifying, uploading, or deleting video clips, photos, and drawings of actions. There are also tools built into the site such as a web-cam and drawing pad to make adding content easy.

The occasion for testing the site is The Bakery’s nomination for a Digital Dance Prize at The Monaco Dance Forum. Your participation in the prototype site will activate it and help them to understand better it’s implications and how it may be applied by a community of users. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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