Initiative from LA comes dancing to NYC

Ever wanted to spend a full day experiencing a multitude of different dance forms? for free? well, the whitney and sundown schoolhouse ( have finally made your dreams come true…. on jan. 17th, from 9am to 5pm, dance and movement classes will be offered throughout the museum, some geared specially to the chronically cubicled workers in the neighborhood….. choreographers/teachers include Levi Gonzales, Juliette Mapp, and Jennifer Monson.

for more info. registration required!!

*It should be noted that Sundown Schoolhouse is a pretty interesting project in and of itself, namely “a geodesic home based educational environment with an activist mission. In the classic model of the schoolhouse, students of many ages {18 and up} come together to study a diversity of disciplines. It is a school for the gently radical design, literary, performing & visual arts. We foster models for active creative practices that engage with the messy realities of the world around us, from our relationships with the diverse peoples in our city to the eroding natural and urban environments we inhabit.”

Nice to have them stopping by….

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