Down the Rabbit Hole

rabbit-hole_rabbit-hole_theatre_tickets_3444764.jpgWho’s shocked, outraged or just plain meh about David Lindsay-Abaire’s Rabbit Hole clinching the Pulitzer Prize for Drama? Let’s go to the blogs.

Rob at The Wicked Stage reminds us that “awards in the arts are invariably political, relative, conditional, blinkered, and by their nature inherently unfair.” Fair enough, but if we can’t bitch, then what pray tell is the point?

The Playgoer does a good job of dissecting the whole Jury v. Board decision. And after the kerfuffle, he may be willing to throw in the towel. “Maybe the day isn’t far off that they drop the category entirely. And somehow I’m not sure that would be a bad thing anymore.”

David Cote at Histriomastix, who gave Rabbit Hole a scathing review when it opened, leaving the poor man with a condition he dubbed “Biltmore Syndrome”, wants to know why our non-profits are producing “safe, bourgeois TV movies on stage for the delight of (presumably) conservative subscribers rather than showcasing thematically or formally demanding works.”

Jason Grote? Just happy for everyone who was nominated. Awww.

Parabasis points out that Manhattan Theater Club has produced four of the last seven plays that have taken the award. Hmmm.

Us? Bah, who cares. When are the Obies again? Coincidentally co-hosted by Cynthia Nixon, star of Rabbit Hole. Hey Village Voice, can Culturebot liveblog the ceremony? Just a thought.

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