Who Blogs the Bloggers?

Prematurely mourning the death of the WYSIWYG Talent Show? Wondering where you’ll get your fix of Real! Live! Bloggers! up close and personal? Well, sigh no more — this Sunday at 9PM the Brick brings you the Impending Theatrical Blogging Event.

What does that entail?

The New York community of theater bloggers blog about themselves as a theatrical event, live, at the theater, while blogging on their laptops. All blogs are projected onto a large blog screen. Audience bloggers are encouraged to comment on the commentators’ commentary and blog about it afterwards.

Blogging as theater? Blogging as spectator sport? Commenting on comments? It’s all sooo Meta. It sounds…hmmm…what’s the word…self-absorbed..navel-gazey…pretentious? That’s probably the point, as it’s part of the Brick’s upcoming Pretentious Festival. And also ties in nicely with John DeVore’s new play The Sophisticates, about “two self important bloggers with literary aspirations” which is playing at said Festival. Yowza!

Many, many, many of your favorite theater bloggers will be participating. Many. And then some.

Alas, Culturebot won’t be attending, as we usually blog alone, in our underwear, firing up one American Spirit after another as we slowly kill a bottle of Jack Daniels. And no one need be subjected to that.

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