beyond this horizon

Just got back from Rinde Eckert’s Horizon at NYTW. This show is an extraordinary accomplishment. Run, don’t walk. Seriously. It is a beautiful, complex, intricate, thoughtful and thought-provoking show. Eckert as writer is erudite and entertaining, David Schweizer’s direction is pitch-perfect and the performance by Eckert, David Barlow and Howard Swain are totally engaging and intelligent.

Part Beckett, part Shakespeare, part theology lecture, part church service, Horizon wraps parables inside parables inside allegories inside meta-theatrical tricks and business to create a singularly enlightening evening (or afternoon) in the theater.

I am not going to do the whole plot synopsis thing, because to say that this is merely the story of an ethics professor named Reinhart Poole is to sell the show infinitely short. Go check it out.

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