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PEACE – a new musical created by Taylor Mac and Rachel Chavkin
based on Aristophanes’ Peace.

War has destroyed the land and a 75 yr. man and his two 12 yr. old daughters are counting on their last chance of escape: a DUNG BEETLE (fed only pure, organic fecal seed) that will fly them to heaven to ask the gods for help.

Join us for this new – and deeply bizarre – musical romp through Aristophanes’crap…poop…sh*t…FECES FILLED WORLD.

With new songs by Taylor Mac, arranged by Stephanie Johnstone

Featuring John Lavelle as HERMES, Kari Nicole Washington and Nila K Leigh as HONEST and GOODNESS, Taylor Mac as their elderly father TRY-US & Christopher Illing as the DUNG BEETLE

with ukulele and guitar, glockenspiel, some gong and washboard, and a little musical saw…


3  Performances Only at HERE ARTS CENTRE 145 6th Ave.

Thursday, November 15th @ 7pm
Saturday, November 17th @ 4pm and 11pm
30 Minutes Long! (2nd Act of 2 Part Evening – only 1 hour long!)

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