A Benefit of the Doubt

The Founders and Board of Chez Bushwick cordially invite you to attend”A Benefit Of The Doubt”

Honoring Martha Wilson & Franklin Furnace

Saturday, November 17th, 2007

6:30 pm

Hosted By:

Ronald Feldman Fine Arts

31 Mercer Street

New York, NY 10013

Chez Bushwick, an award-winning nonprofit organization in Brooklyn, is dedicated to the advancement of interdisciplinary art and performance, with a strong focus on new dance. Chez Bushwick is emblematic of artistic freedom, collaboration, and creative risk-taking, through a number of public programs produced by artists.

Franklin Furnace was founded in 1976 to serve artists who were not being supported by existing artistic organizations. From its inception, Franklin Furnace’s energies have been focused on three aspects of “time-based” programming: a collection of artists’ books; a performance art program for emerging artists; and exhibitions of time-based arts.


I Will Attend

“A Benefit Of The Doubt”

Cocktails, Dinner, & Screening Of Historical Performance Works

(Plus Below)

6:30 pm


Choreography @ The Furnace: A Special Performance Program

(Plus Below)

8:00 pm


Chez Bushwick Presents


9 pm


*Artist Rates Are Also Available! Please Inquire Within: info@chezbushwick.net*

Thank You!

Make Checks Payable To:

Chez Bushwick, Inc.

304 Boerum St. #23

Brooklyn, NY 11206

_____Yes, My Company Will Match This Tax-Deductible Gift


Wayne S. Blank

Jonah Bokaer

Keith Butler

Meredith Glisson

Seth Harrison

Phyllis Herschenfeld

Erica L. Marks

Keith Recker

Brent Sikkema

Patsy Tarr

David Vaughan

Micki Wesson

____I am unable to attend, but will support in the amount of:

____$50 Supports a clean, well-equipped studio

____$75 Supports technology and marketing needs

____$100 Commissions innovative new writing for the performing arts

____$150 Commissions photography and video of new performance works

____$250 Commissions one artist to perform new work in progress

____$500 Underwrites a 100-hour space grant, providing free workspace to artists

____$1000 Makes possible $5/hr studio rentals to the arts communities of NYC

____$2500 Underwrites one Chez Bushwick monthly showcase

As Chez Bushwick is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, your contribution is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

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