Kickin’ It in L.I.C.

Okay, so, first off I want to say that I went to see the NTUSA’s Don Juan at The Chocolate Factory last night. It is not officially open so I will not officially review it. So I will just say I had an awesome time and I am looking forward to seeing it again. Buy your tickets now before the run sells out. For reals.

And then, speaking of L.I.C. – I saw this listing on Jeff Stark’s nonsensenyc e-list:

***** Also on SATURDAY *****

The Black Forest Fancies present:

The Black Wallows Foundling Hospital

A puppet operetta on the end of depression, with a gallery show and special musical guests. Bridging the gap between re-developing New Orleans and the growing art’s community in Long Island City.


25-17 41st Avenue, at 27th Street, Long Island City, Queens

N, W, 7 trains to Queens Plaza

8p; $10-15

NOTE: We caught this ridiculously good little puppet show last week in New Orleans. It’s more or less the musical that Edward Gorey never wrote, with sweet songs about love and fear, and incredibly beautiful puppets. The production is about as low-tech and do-it-yourself as can be, but the theatrical tricks are playful and relentlessly inventive, with video clips and shadow puppets and sound effects. If you skew toward Tim Burton, or scary little Victorian dolls with perfect clothes and stripped socks, this is for you.

I’m already seeing a show on Saturday night otherwise I would love to go check this out. If anybody sees it, please report back to me.

And on a sidenote, I was reading the nonsensenyc listings and was just totally blown away by the sheer amount and diversity of awesomeness going on in our fair city. I also want to give another one of my periodic shout-outs to Jeff Stark, who if I ever actually meet, I look forward to buying him a drink. Seriously, in this age of social networking and upcoming and meetup and fancypants corporate-sponsored newsletters, the humble text-only, user-driven and  meticulously edited/curated nonsensenyc list is one of the best sources of info on what is going on. they recently started asking for a small donation – like $5 – to keep it going on and pay for server costs, etc. Like Culturebot, nonsensenyc is a labor of love, if you want to show some back, go give ’em a couple of bucks.

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