death by water

We’ve been tracking these guys for the past few years since they first arrived in NYC from Canada. Their site-specific piece LENZ in the Ye Olde Carlton Arms Hotel was pretty cool and kinda creepy. We heard good things about the piece they did for the LMCC Sightlines program as well. This one sounds good too:

bluemouth, inc. presents DEATH BY WATER

death by water

DEATH BY WATER is a performance installation, which occurs in continuous cycles over the course of three hours. This interdisciplinary performance of film, theatre, music & dance will take place outside under the blanket of a winter’s sky with the viewer witnessing the piece from within the protection of a heated Plexiglas shed. The audience will be transported at intervals from a funeral home to the performance location.

DEATH BY WATER is the winter chapter of the 2005 DORA award-winning trilogy Something About a River, a five-hour site specific performance in three parts, with each component developed during a different season and at a different location along Toronto’s buried Garrison Creek. Using the underground river as a metaphor Something About a River explores various angles on the notion of ambivalence.

DEATH BY WATER, exploring spiritual ambivalence, is the winter cycle and was developed near the middle part of the creek in the basin of Trinity Bellwoods Park.

bluemouth inc. is: Stephen O’Connell, Sabrina Reeves, Lucy Simic and Richard Windeyer in collaboration with: Daniel Pettrow

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday

February 20th –thru March 8th

Robert F. Cranford Funeral Home

203 DeKalb Avenue, Fort Greene, Brooklyn

Viewing times are 7pm, 8pm & 9pm

Admission: $15.00

for tickets Email

*Please dress warmly and wear comfortable shoes.

*Seating is limited to 12 people at one time

For more information please visit

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