Smearcase and other goings on

Just checked in with the DTW blog which quoted Claudia LaRocco’s  article in the Times about Deborah Jowitt being fired by the Village Voice! Wow… when are they going to just go ahead and make the Voice a porn rag? In their ongoing -and largely uphill – battle to become relevant they never fail to miss an opportunity to do the wrong thing.

Anyway, DTW has been doing lots of right things lately, one of which is the upcoming STUDIO SERIES showing of Ursula Eagly’s  Smearcase starring Dean DeChiaro, Abby Harris, Jeremy Holmes, Keith Malone, & the choreographer herself.

April 3 & 4 at 7:30 pm

Dance Theater Workshop

219 West 19th Street


reservations 212.924.0077

Ursula’s work is always quirky, fun, disturbing, funny and unexpected.  Check it out!

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