Here’s another one that sounds interesting….just got the press release:

Catherine Trieschmann’s comedy crooked directed by Liz Diamond will have its Off Broadway premiere when previews begin Friday, April 11, at 8:00pm for an opening Sunday, April 20, at 7:00pm at the Women’s Project Theater, 424 West 55th Street.

crooked is a comedy centered on a 14-year-old’s warped and wry storytelling that forces the people around her to grapple with matters of faith, fantasy, and flesh.  crooked was first staged at NYC’s Summer Play Festival in 2005 before opening to acclaim at London’s Bush Theatre in 2006.

The Women’s Project is mounting a new production of the play with Cristin Milioti, recently seen on Broadway in Coram Boy and The Lieutenant of Inishmore, as the 14-year-old Laney, an aspiring writer with an imagination as off-kilter as her awkward adolescence. Carmen M. Herlihy plays her earnest, but hapless born-again friend Maribel and Betsy Aidem plays Laney’s mother.  Both experience Laney’s penchant for storytelling at it spirals out of control.

Ms. Trieschmann’s crooked sparked interest at NYC’s Summer Play Festival in 2005 and it was picked up by London’s acclaimed and highly regarded Bush Theatre.

“The most surprising and lovely twist was the premiere of crooked last year in London,” Ms.  Trieschmann said.  “Due to the play’s Southern setting and themes, I envisioned it premiering in Atlanta or Louisville; London never even crossed my mind.  It gave me such a silly pleasure to tell the woman behind the customs counter why I needed to enter the U.K.”

“An American playwright born in Georgia and living in Kansas has her play arrive at its New York premiere after it is acclaimed in England.  That is certainly a first for Women’s Project and may be a circuitous first for any female playwright,” said Women’s Project Artistic Director Julie Crosby.

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