hiroshima in the east village

Voice & Vision Theater and Crossing Jamaica Avenue

as part of the Culture Project’s Women’s Center Stage Festival


I Have Been to Hiroshima, Mon Amour,

a workshop presentation of a new play by Chiori Miyagawa.

April 15th & 16th @ 8pm

The Culture Project, 55 Mercer Street

tickets: $18


A young Japanese woman dies instantly at the moment of atomic bomb detonation.  A decade later, a film about peace is being shot in Hiroshima.  At present day, three Americans watch the DVD of this movie.  With shifting realities, transforming characters, and an expansive sound-score and video, I Have Been to Hiroshima Mon Amour creates a mystical world, exploring war and destruction through intimate love stories.

Directed by Jean Wagner, with original music by Du Yun, Projected Design by Hap Tivey, Costumes by Christie Carroll.  Featuring Joel de la Fuente, Lynn Hawley and Maureen Sebastian.

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