Untitled Mars (This Title May Change)

We are very excited about Jay Scheib’s upcoming Untitled Mars (This Title May Change)

Here’s the info from the PS122 website:

Taking a cue from the space industry, Jay Scheib’s latest work pits hard Science against Philip K. Dick as interplanetary speculation runs amok, the indigenous population gets screwed, and a strange “anomalous” kid seems to hold all the answers. Developed at MIT with a team of Mars researchers and anthropologists, a mission to colonize the Red Planet is revving up for 2017. Imagining what might happen once we get there, Scheib drops seven performers into a simulated Martian society. Can’t make ends meet on Earth? Consider a one-way ticket to Mars!

With performances by Karl Allen, Dorka Gryllus, Caleb Hammond, László Keszég, Catherine Mc-Curry, Tanya Selvaratnam, April Sweeney, Natalie, Thomas, Balázs Vajna with special on-camera appearances by Phillip Cunio, Zahra Khan and Dr. Robert Zubrin and others

Scenic Design by Peter Ksander, Costume Design by Oana Botez-Ban, Lighting Design by Miranda Hardy, Sound Design by Catherine McCurry, Video Design by Balázs Vajna, Dramaturg/Hungarian Project Manager: Anna Lengyel, Directed by Jay Scheib

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