New York Is Dead

Soho Think Tank and Working Man’s Clothes in association with The Thursday Problem Present…


[5 days to celebrate the end]

At The Ohio Theater

A 48 hour urban play challenge + 2 night expo of art, music, dance, theatre + 2 nights of Short Plays by city’s most talented, emerging playwrights = a festival of 5 nights celebrating the artistic death and imminent commercialization of all of New York City.

April 22 8pm – 5 BOROUGHS ON FIRE

April 23+ 24 7:30pm –THE WOOSTER WAKE

April 25+26 8pm – ABANDON ALL HOPE…

it takes strength to laugh when you’re drowning

Working Man’s Clothes Productions (Winner of 6 2006 NY Innovative Theater Awards for To Nineveh: A Modern Miracle Play) is presenting in conjunction with the support of Soho Think Tank and The Thursday Problem, NEW YORK IS DEAD – a Five Night Program celebrating art and death in New York City.

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Tuesday, April 22nd at 8pm – NYID kicks off with 5 Boroughs on Fire – a performance of the 48 hour urban play challenge competition. We asked 5 different NYC playwrights to go to a specific place in Manhattan that we located that was 1.lonely and overlooked, 2. historic and a remnant of urban history, and 3. hauntingly atmospheric. Each playwright had 2 days to write a short play which was then paired up with a talented director and a group of New York actors – all of whom had 48 hours to get it on it’s feet. At the end of the evening, the audience favorite by ballot will proceed to a showcase at…FEATURING new short plays by Jesse Alick, James Carmichael , Matthew-Lee ErlbachLibby Emmons, and William Meny. Directed by Erick Herrscher, Alexandra Hogue, David Marcus, Zoe Moore, and Alexander Poe.

Wednesday, April 23rd and Thursday, April 24th from 7:30-11:00pm – NYID picks up feverish momentum with, The Wooster Wakea 2 night expo. The Ohio Theater is transformed into an open market of dance, performance art, theatre, music, visual art, and comedy. Part ice cream social, part joyous memorial for the lost soul of the city, The Wooster Wake merges together a blend of eccentric, engaging, and entertaining short art pieces for your enjoyment and consolation. Performances by Mannequin Circus, Eboni Hogan, The O’Debra Twins, Michael Alan and Matthew Brennan (of DRAW-A-THON), I Lien Ho, Desiree Burch, The New York Neo-Futurists, Queen of Hearts Productions, Working Man’s Clothes, and the audience-voted favorite piece from 5 Boroughs on Fire.


make noises you might like!

THE O’DEBRA TWINS – link to  –

“Two of the smartest, most perverse gals in the city…

They deserve more attention than most of this city’s conventional comedians.” – NY Press

Diane Destiny O’Debra and Tanya Tammy Tina Tiny Dancer Hyphen O’Debra are asthmatic Irish twins who were born out of cabbages in a McDonald’s bathroom in Dublin. They have no blood or guts. They are instead filled with confetti. Part Cocker Spaniel, The O’Debra Twins both hold Associate Degrees from the Rosie Perez School of Braiding.

MICHAEL ALAN – link to –

“Go to the

Draw-A-Thon.” NBC The Today Show

“A rare chance to draw models staged in unusual theatrical poses.” Village Voice

“The models pose in scenes of liveliness and connection, and well, romance that was always absent.” New York Press

Creator and moderator of the monthly hit East Village artist event, DRAW-A-THON



DESIREE BURCH – link to –


Friday, April 25th and Saturday, April 26th at 8pm – NYID reaches it’s climax in the culmination of a 2 night presentation of Abandon All Hopeit takes strength to laugh when you’re drowning , a selection of handful of powerful one act plays by New York playwrights, Bekah Brunsetter(winner, NYIT award, To Nineveh: a modern miracle play), Eric Sanders (Co-creator fuckplays, Associate Producer The Thursday Problem, Hostage Song), Justin Swain (Dread Awakening), and Casey Wimpee (NY IT award nominee, Arms and the Octopus). Featured directors include Stephen Brackett, Heath Cullens, Matthew Hancock, and Jake Witlen.

SHOW INFO: The Ohio Theater. 66 Wooster Street between Spring & Broome, New York City. Limited Engagement: April 22 to April 26, 2007. Tuesday @8pm. / Wed-Thursday @7:30pm / Friday-Saturday @8pm. Tickets: $10 + FREE DRINK! Cash at door. Mature content. For More info go to

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