To is a preposition, Come is a Verb

If you have never seen Steve Cuiffo do his Lenny Bruce, man, let me tell ya, you’re missing out! Best. Lenny Bruce. Ever. No kidding. He’s so good that the Bruce estate has given him exclusive and unprecedented access to Lenny’s archives and files. They think so much of Steve’s performance and sensibility that they have basically anointed him the authoritative, definitive performer of Lenny’s material. Outside of listening to the “Live at Carnegie Hall ” CD this is the closest you will ever get to experiencing the surreal, rapid-fire, free-associating, beat-jazz influenced comedic riffing that was Lenny Bruce in his prime. Unless you can invent a time machine.

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(part of the WE THE PEOPLE* series)

Steve Cuiffo Is Lenny Bruce

Tuesday, June 3 at 9:30pm




What if Lenny Bruce were alive today? The controversial comedian may very well be saying the same things he did in 1965. The cutting remarks of this social satirist prove, unfortunately, that history DOES repeat itself. Actor, Steve Cuiffo, channels Lenny Bruce, performing a selection of Bruce’s most biting satires – VERBATIM!

*This show is part of the ongoing We The People series at Joe’s Pub. In a highly politicized and overspun media world, Joe’s Pub provides an oasis for First Amendment frivolity. On the first Tuesday of every month, join us for a celebration of art, opinions, and politics from a diverse group of outspoken artists and performers.

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