Two Shows, One Cup

(that joke never gets old. plus it gets me lots of google hits!)

My friend Jennifer Ortega is awesome and she runs The Monarch Theater Company, which produced the wildly successful One Minute Plays at The Brick a few months ago. They’re producing an evening of two shows they’re calling “The Loft Plays” – one is a solo by Troy Diana called Storia and the other is performance piece/play by Julie Troost (who created The Hug Project) and Scott Troost (they’re brother & sister, not that it matters, but I do love a good family act!) called The Interim.

Storia is “the touching and humorous tale of an Italian and Peruvian family migrating to America. Spanning five generations, the play charts journeys of hope, loss, love, and trial. Winner for Outstanding Performance in a Solo Show by Midtown International Theatre Festival, Troy Diana is described as “a captivating performer and a joy on stage. He truly comprehends the art of the one-man show.” (”

The Interim is “A World premiere play written, directed, and performed by Julie Troost and Scott Troost, The Interim tells the story of a man and a woman who find themselves at an open grave site, not quite sure how they got there. Caught in the narrow space between life and death and in a world that defies reality, these two souls must wait to find out what happens after their bodies expire.”

For more info visit the Monarch website.

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