The 80’s and 90’s On Screen

The 80’s and 90’s On Screen

Curated by Christine Elmo and Jmy Leary

Tuesday May 27, 8pm – 11pm, $5

Beverages Provided

Judson Memorial Church Gym

15 Washington Square Park, NYC

In part with Movement Research Spring Festival: somewhere out there

From the starting point of what today can be referred to as “the downtown dance community,” curators Elmo and Leary journey into the recent and somewhat obscure past of the NYC dance scene in the 80’s and 90’s with a program of rarely seen footage. At the screening will be artists that were around and active during those decades. This screening marks the beginning of a larger project of an archival collection of videos, photographs, programs, posters, set props, sound scores, notes and other relics from the 80’s and 90’s NYC dance scene’s influential people, their work, collaborations, politics and persuasions.

Steve Paxton (82, 83), Jim Self (’82), Meredith Monk (’83), Ishmael Houston-Jones (’84), Susan Rethorst (’85)  Channel Z (’86), Neil Greenberg (’87, ’94), Dancenoise (’88), Hot House (’88),  Tere O’Connor (’88), Vicky Shick (’89), RoseAnne Spradlin (’90), Randy Warshaw (’90), Fiona Marcotty (’91), Paige Martin (’91), Irene Hultman (’92), Scott Heron (’93), chameckilerner (’94), John Jasperse (95), Sondra Loring and Lisa Race (’95), Stanley Love (’98)

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